Zuleika Gallery: Summer Show Opens

The exhibition showcases the work of nationally recognised, regional emerging and midcareer contemporary artists that have been made through the pandemic. As such, there is an emphasis on the natural world and domestic life. The exhibition will feature Oxfordshire’s rolling rural landscape through the work of Rod Craig. Rachel Gracey brings us the peace to be found in urban green spaces, in her new work of Oxford’s Port meadow. Like life itself during the pandemic, these works are small. Tamsin Relly finds a joyful expression in her vibrant botanical watercolours, based in Oxfordshire, from Worton Organic Garden. Jemma Powell and Marice cumber bring us into the domestic realm – the world where tabletops are crowded with objects as the pressures of family life pile up physically and emotionally. Marice Cumber’s ceramics bring emotional release and self-realisation through work such as ‘The Cup of Time’. During a period when our own movement as individuals has been so restricted, these works serve as a reminder of the role that art can play in personal wellbeing – when life goes small, horizons are narrowed – and we have to look at our immediate surroundings. It is a reminder and celebration of the beauty that is readily available in our lives, of our capacity to be creative, and the joy and peace that that in itself can bring.

The artwork can be viewed both in person at the gallery (6 Park Street) and online at https://zuleikagallery.com/summershow2021/

The exhibition concludes on 23 August 2021.